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Living your life online makes it easier for others to see and find you – lenders, employers, fraudsters! Notty is the only place that gives you control to be prepared, be guarded, be safe online. Learn more

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Your Social Media Score can be as important as your credit score, with decisions being made about you based on what you put on Social Media, including finance companies future employers. We can provide you a profile overview collectively from the social media you use, and give you scores on your personality. What you put on Social Media can affect your future.
We will continually monitor the dark web and chat rooms for your personal information and identity being at risk as a result of a data breach, scams or fraud. Alerting you if we find any information, such as passwords, bank details, credit cards, passport, logins to online accounts etc. Get FraudWeb Full for full in-depth results or FraudWeb Lite .
Be protected online. 50% discount on CyberCare for all Notty Account holders, including the award-winning McAfee , cyber security score, data breach monitoring, threat alerts, password manager and £500 warranty plus more. Only £19.50 for 12 months. Available as an instant download right now!
Looking for a £1,000 - £50,000 loan? Apply through our panel of lenders today to get a decision. Good and Bad credit history accepted. Still not sure if you will be accepted? Use your Notty Account to ensure your personal information is secure, your social media loan and fraud scores are high, and your identity isn’t compromised.
Each month you will get new offers based on how you live your life and what your needs are, from the information in your social media credit score. When you login to your Notty Account you will have access to these offers straight away.
Protect, Find, Profiles and Improves in one place. Everything you need to manage your online self, your lifestyle, your finances, your career and your future. Learn about you online and the affect your social media has on your future career and finances. Keep your identity safe, know if you have been a data breach victim. Notty is your fraud prevention

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Our aim is to give you a full picture of information available about you, that can be accessed by others and used to make decisions about you. Job opportunity or a promotion; your financial stability; your personal information can be hacked or you’re a scam target.

Notty will help you understand what you write on a post today can have long term implications on your life in the future.