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Living your life online makes it easier for others to see and find you – lenders, employers, fraudsters! Notty is the only place that gives you control to be prepared, be guarded, be safe online. Learn why you may have difficulties changing jobs or getting finance; see what your social image loos like and how others see you.

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Your Social Media Score can be as important as your credit score, with decisions being made about you based on what you put on Social Media, including finance companies future employers. We can provide you an overview profile, collectively from the social media you use, and give you scores on your personality. What you put on Social Media can affect your future.
We will continually monitor the dark web for your information being available, searching multiple details, including email address, bank accounts, credit cards, passports, login details plus more, sending you alerts if we find anything on the dark web.
FREE CyberCare for all Notty Account holders to improve your online privacy, to protect stolen information getting to the dark web. Cover includes FREE McAfee for 12 months, cyber security score, data breach monitoring, threat alerts, password manager and £1,000 warranty.
Each month you will get new offers based on how you live your life and what your needs are, from the information in your social media credit score. When you login to your Notty Account you will have access to these offers straight away.

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Our aim is to give you a full picture of information available able you that others use to make decisions about your ability to fulfil a job role or opportunity; and if you are financially stable and can afford finance that you may be looking for such as a mortgage, loan, new car.

Social Buddy
(Coming soon)
Coming in the future, as part of your Notty Account a new tool that will allow you to monitor your Children’s social media accounts without having to take their phones off them. See who they are talking to, where they check in, what pictures they are seeing, when they are active plus much more.

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