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The Dark Web accounts for 0.01% of the internet, which is only a small part of the internet, but most online illegal activity is carried out here, including the buying and selling of stolen data. Every minute of every day Websites are hacked, scam emails sent and data is stolen, then traded and sold over the Dark Web to be used to steal someone’s identity or money. You will never know if your data is for sale until it is too late, your money has gone from your bank or your passport has been used by someone claiming to be you. Knowing if your details are on the Dark Web is the key to stopping it affecting your life.

Once you know your data is on the Dark Web, you can then be in control about how it will affect you and stop it affecting you. With our Fraud Web Lite and FraudWeb Full searches, we will continually search and monitor your information on over 1,000 criminal chat rooms and over 600 million records, alert you if we find anything, give you advice on what to do next. This could save you thousands in lost savings, stolen credit cards and having your identity stolen. Start today with our FREE FraudWeb Lite

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With your Notty Account you can search logins, passwords, bank account, debit/credit card numbers plus more. Sign up today to start protecting yourself.

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